Welcome to Tribe v2!

Hold $TRIBEX Tokens, discover new projects and win unique & unrepeatable Collectibles Generated by Artificial Intelligence
Honoring our name, we promote the union between quality web3 companies and its holders.
For both investors and start-ups, exposure and engagement are some of the most important factors in growing a business.
At Tribe we satisfy those needs through our free airdrop campaigns.
What's new in Tribe v2?
  • NFTs become AI-NFTs (NFTs created with artificial intelligence).
  • Removed the concept of TribePops and metaverse (for now)
  • The AI-NFTs will be hosted on the Polygon network and tradeable on Ethereum (among others) thanks to OpenSea.
  • The AI-NFTs will not have a primary sale, they will only be able to be obtained through raffles for TRIBEX holders.
  • AI-NFTs will have rarity matrices that, in the future, will give benefits within the ecosystem.
If you want to know more about what Tribe v1 was:
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