Adoption of NFTs in Celebrities

Celebrity NFTs are exactly what they sound like; NFTs made by celebrities.
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Example of celebrities with their NFTs

Logan Paul sold $5 million worth of NFTs with his first launch in the crypto space. Most recently, the SMHPI (second most hated person on the internet) sold a set of digital Pokemon card images featuring an anime version of himself in three different colors: silver ($370 each, 777 minted in total), gold ($1,500 each, 111 minted), and matte black ($17,000 each, three minted).
Chris Torres, the artist who first created Nyan Cat, minted a new GIF of the famous internet meme, which sold for $590,000 worth of Ethereum.
William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself, minted 10,000 NFT “packs,” or digital trading cards, back in July 2020. The cards, which amounted to 125,000 total NFTs, featured images of Shatner’s life and career, including a photo of him hugging Leonard Nemoy (better known as Mr. Spock), and even an X-ray of Shatner’s teeth.
Lindsay Lohan sold her first NFT on February 15 for $57,290. Since then, she’s been minting more NFTs and donating the proceeds. In recent months, Lohan has tweeted about Bitcoin, becoming one of its more outspoken celebrity advocates.
Synth-pop star (and Elon Musk’s girlfriend) Grimes made $5.8 million in under 20 minutes selling her own NFTs on February 28.
Electronic producer 3LAU raised $11.6 million in an NFT sale in less than 24 hours on February 27.
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet (also the first ever tweet), from March 21, 2006, was simple: “just setting up my twttr.” Almost exactly 15 years later, Dorsey has minted an NFT of the post.
Soulja Boy, of "Crank That" fame, followed Dorsey’s example days later, selling five tweets as NFTs in just three hours. A signed copy of his first tweet, which reads “How do I sell my tweets,” sold for $1,288.