AI-Generated Celebrity Collectibles

Immerse yourself in the concept of Tribe and its synergy between artificial intelligence and NFTs
Based on Tribe's artificial intelligence learning, videos (converted into individual images) are processed visually and aurally with the aim of interpreting the information in the most innovative way possible.
In conjunction with this new processed information and the instructions given to the Tribe AI, we result in a series of unique and unrepeatable images specific to our celebrity. These art pieces are the AI-Generated Celebrity Collectibles.
In addition, each of these AI-Generated Celebrity Collectibles fulfill a fundamental role for the celebrity and their community. This role is that, sequenced, they recreate a unique and original video processed by artificial intelligence for the celebrity.
Finally, the way to access these AI-Generated Celebrity Collectibles is solely and exclusively through being a holder of the TRIBEX token and/or participating through social media in the launch campaign of said collection.