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Every great project has a motor, a heart, where its power is concentrated; in our case it's $TRIBEX.
The $TRIBEX token not only acts as a "share" of the company and an asset susceptible of value. Its utility is very clear and protagonist: Provide allocation (Whitelist) in the launches of Celebrity TribePop NFTs to its holders.
(TRIBE allocation levels characters)
πŸ– Caveman (Access to level 1 NFTs) πŸ–
  • 2,500 Required Staked Tokens
  • Odds Ratios: 5 out of 10
βš”οΈ Gladiator (Access to level 2 NFTs) βš”οΈ
  • 17,500 Required Staked Tokens
  • Odds Ratios: 7 out of 10
πŸ‘‘ CryptoKing (Access to Exclusive NFTs) πŸ‘‘
  • 50,000 Required Staked Tokens
  • Guarenteed Allocation
NOTE: The amounts necessary for each tier will be modified monthly to adjust them to the growth of the token.
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