CEX Listing / Marketing

There isn't much to explain about marketing, but it's a central concept in v2 of Tribe, that's why it occupies this "honorary" place. This concept and its amount is made up of the amount of tokens that did not have a specific allocation up to now (for example, tokens that had been lost, unclaimed rewards, etc.) and are part of the v1.
The concept that is important to highlight is the CEX Listing Liquidity. Liquidity on a CEX is exactly what it sounds like: "The feasibility of a token being traded." Like a DEX, if there is no liquidity, it cannot be traded. Although the liquidity of a DEX and a CEX work completely differently, in a CEX we need to provide an initial amount of liquidity so that the first buyers of the pair have what to buy since, if we did not provide liquidity to a CEX, there would be no sale orders to settle in order to execute a purchase. The initial amount of the CEX listing is exactly the last value that the DEX liquidity had in v1 at the time of making the allocations screenshot.
TRIBEX Allocated
% Supply
Locking Period
CEX Listing
15 day lock - 10% Weekly
15 day lock - 10% Weekly
It is important to note that all those balances that are not sold in the IDO / Launchpad phase will be used to burn tokens or CEX Listing / Marketing.