Utility / Usability

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The TRIBEX token (hereinafter also called "$TRIBEX", "The Token" or simply "TRIBEX") is the heart of the TRIBE ecosystem (as a company). Through our token, holders are randomly selected to receive airdrops (AI-NFTs and, in the future, tokens from emerging projects).
Commonly, some people confuse "Utility" with "Usability"; that is why we are going to explain both. The utility responds to "What is it for?" and "usability" is the ease with which that utility is accomplished.
  • The Utility of $TRIBEX is to be the "access ticket" to the AI-NFTs (Allocation).
  • Usability can be summed up simply by being a holder.
Additionally, being a holder of the TRIBEX token has other benefits, such as receiving the reflective system (1% taken from taxes/fees in each transaction), being able to receive interest from the staking pools and, not least, being part of the tribe.