TribePop Releases
How to participate in TribePop Celebrity NFTs launches.
Just like any launchpad, TRIBE also has an allocation system to participate in every TribePop NFT release.
To participate in any of the launches, the first thing we must do is obtain one of the levels (or Tiers) through PancakeSwap. Once we have our balance and Contract added in the wallet, we must stake our balance in the staking pool.
It is important to note that the balances must be deposited before the pool is frozen or we will not be able to participate in the sale of said celebrity TribePop NFT.
Once the pool is frozen, the list of wallets selected to participate and the amounts (or tiers) available for each one will be announced ( At this stage we will all have to check that everything is correct and we have received the correct whitelist for our balance.
Finally, the only thing left to do is wait for the purchase of NFTs to be enabled and interact with the contract by buying (with BNB) our allocation (
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